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Go green with you Mobile – Mobile Phone Recycling, Green Apps, SIM Only and more

Discarded mobile phones account for a huge amount of harmful waste, estimated to be in the region of 65,000 tons of toxic waste each year. Overall it is estimated that less than 20% of discarded high tech waste is recycled. Mobile phones and other high tech gadgets not only cause harmful waste they eat up large amount s of energy however we love gadgets too and are not about to suggest you stop buying them. Going green with your mobile and other gadgets could save you money and help the environment and it is easier than you might think; here’s a few easy ways you can make a difference.

Mobile phone recycling – Sell your phone for cash!

Mobile phone recycling has become very popular in recent years and for good reason. Firstly it’s great for the environment and secondly you can sell your old mobile phone for cash to any number of companies who offer mobile phone recycling and will pay for your old mobile phone.  Recycled phones are often put to good use and refurbished and sold to poorer countries where most people cannot afford the many of us pay for the latest mobile phones. If you are looking to sell your old mobile phone for cash you can compare deals in our sell your phone for cash comparison table.

Give your old phone to charity

If you are prepared to give your old phone away for nothing then there are plenty of charities who will gladly take your phone and give it to someone in a developing country where it will make a real difference to their lives. A mobile phone may not seem like the obvious thing to give to someone in a third world country but better communications help support economic growth, social inclusion, and quality of life.

Use renewable energy for your mobile phone

A number of companies now provide phone chargers which use renewable energy sources such as solar power or kinetic energy. Nokia has recently released a mobile phone charger which is powered by your bike so all that pedaling not only gets you fit it’s even green too. Toshiba has a fuel cell phone charger called the Dynario Direct Methanol and similar devices can be found to power not just your mobile but your laptop too. Many people have already taken measures to make their homes more eco-friendly but high tech gadgets are often looked and have the potential to have a huge energy saving

Consolidate your gadgets with a Smartphone

Many of us own MP3 players, cameras and other gadgets in addition to our mobile phones. With a Smartphone you can consolidate many of these gadgets into one device; some of the latest Smartphones have great cameras, (such as the Nokia N8) and almost all have very good MP3 players. By reducing the need for multiple devices less toxic waste is produced and less need to be disposed of at the end of the products life.

SIM Only Deals – Even greener than recycling your Phone!

Whilst recycling your phone is certainly environmentally friendly the greenest option is to keep your existing phone which is also the best option for saving money. If you are happy with your existing phone then you can move to one of the many SIM only deals on offer at the end of your contract. SIM only deals provide just a new SIM card and tariff which is cheaper than normal phone contracts since there is no expense of a new handset associated with the monthly charge. SIM only works by inserting the new SIM card the provider sends into your existing phone which moves you to the new tariff – plus you get to keep your existing phone number.

Green Apps

There’s an ever growing range of green Apps for the iPhone and other Smartphones. These range from barcode scanners to locate green products, to Apps working out your carbon footprint so you can aim to become carbon neutral and an App to avoid wasting energy by overcharging your Smartphone. You can find more information on the top green Apps here: